March 30, 2008

QHC in Lancaster, part III

I was back at QHC again today, to spend some more time admiring the quilts, stock up on thread, and meet up with Diane Doran. I met Diane last fall in Houston, where her incredible "Under the Rainbow" took a first place, and was glad for the opportunity to see her again today. Above she is pictured with her equally incredible "Grotto". The way she manipulates images is very creative and intriguing; you can read about it on her site here.

By chance, I also ran into Carol Singer--always a pleasure! Here she is standing before her "Rhapsody in Motion". This quilt, like all of Carol's work, is beautifully drafted, technically brilliant and bursting with color. Carol has done it all--teaching, longarm quilting, designing patterns--and is currently working on some quilts that take her work in a new direction.
A good time was had by all.

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Marlene said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for sharing the show photos, I too admire Carol Singers work.