March 23, 2008

Chiques Rock

Today I took a break from the sewing machine and ventured out for a short hike, despite the cold and wind. Chiques Rock is a massive rock outcropping with spectacular views of the Susquehanna River. Above you can see through the trees the two bridges crossing the river from Columbia to Wrightsville. In the foreground is the modern Rt. 30 expressway bridge, and behind that is the Veteran's Memorial Bridge that I've used as a subject for several quilts.

Here's a shot looking upriver, towards the town of Marietta, from the promontory:

And one looking downriver: Here's another view looking upriver, showing some of the farmland and hamlets. The river is very high right now, and is spilling out of its banks at the boat launch in the lower left. In the upper right of the picture, you can just make out the plumes of steam coming from the cooling towers at the Three Mile Island facility, which is further upriver.


Pat's Place said...

Our last trip to State College was much like this - the Susquehanna River in full force. We used to live on the dike way upriver in Bradford County, PA and I always think of the Susquehanna as "my" river. Silly girl... At flood state it was an awesome sight to behold, with furniture, entire trees, even animal carcass' floating tumultuously down river. The sounds were equally incredible. When the water was that high, all our utilities would be turned off, because the town, lower than the dike, would also be flooded. Once our basement took in water, but only once. That was enough. We left before we had to leave by boat that time.

Sue Reno said...

Hi Pat! I always think of the Susquehanna as "my" river also. I grew up within sight of it, and most of my adult life I've lived just a short drive away. The river, and especially the woods along the banks of it, have informed most of my artwork.