December 28, 2010

Big Root Geranium in The Quilt Life magazine

What a thrill--my "Big Root Geranium" is in the February 2011 edition of The Quilt Life magazine, in a feature called "It's My Nature".  The quilt is shown along with a picture of the plant in my garden that inspired it, along with a brief text.  It looks great--I'm very pleased with the layout and the image quality.
The Quilt Life is a publication of The American Quilter's Society.  It's the brainchild of quilting superstars Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, with Jan McGee as the editor-in-chief, and is available by subscription or on the newstands.  It's a fresh and contemporary take on quilting magazines, with so much more than just patterns and techniques.   You can view the table of contents for this issue here --check it out!

December 21, 2010

Eclipse, Solstice, and Creative Energy

I interrupted my sleep last night for the incredibly rewarding experience of watching the lunar eclipse.  The clouds were blown away by frigid winds part of the way through, leaving clear skies for viewing.  It seems significant, in a vague but nonetheless satisfying way, that the eclipse fell on the solstice.  It's been a cold and dark December--I know December is always dark and often cold here in Pennsylvania, but each year I'm surprised at just how much effort it takes to keep the metaphysical wolves at bay--and I'm ready for the surge of kinetic energy that increased daylight is sure to bring.
I've been busy in the studio, in the sense that I've organized things and taken care of tasks and paperwork and so on and so forth.  Creatively, I've been hibernating, planning what I'd like to work on next, thinking about the directions I'd like my work to go, and dreaming about travel to exotic lands.  It's necessary sometimes, to let the subconscious do its work without pestering it incessantly.
Specifically, I'm mulling over the images I'm using for Skunk and Hackberry, which I think will be next up in my Flora and Fauna series.
I'm finishing up some details on Squirrel and Locust, and I'm very excited about how it's turning out.
But mostly I'm dreaming about India.  The pull to return there is very strong.
I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season, whatever your beliefs, and send sincere best wishes and good vibes for wonderful new beginnings and good things to come.  Thanks so very much for reading and commenting, and being a part of this journey with me.  Please stay tuned...I feel I'm about to experience an explosion of creative energy, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

December 3, 2010

The Organic Garden in the Art in Embassies Program

I am deeply honored to announce that The Organic Garden has been selected for the Art in Embassies program.  It will be part of the exhibition at the US Embassy Residence in Vientiane, Laos, beginning in early 2011 and continuing into 2013.
The Mission Statement of the program: "Established by the United States Department of State in 1964, the ART In Embassies Program is a global museum that exhibits original works of art by U.S. citizens in the public rooms of approximately 180 American diplomatic residences worldwide. These exhibitions, with art loaned from galleries, museums, individual artists, and corporate and private collections, play an important role in our nation's public diplomacy. They provide international audiences with a sense of the quality, scope, and diversity of American art and culture through the accomplishments of some of our most important citizens, our artists"
I am feeling flushed with patriotism at this opportunity to serve my country with such talents as I possess.  Whenever I travel abroad I am always cognizant that, in a sense, I represent the US to the people that I meet, and I'm delighted that my work will now be serving that same purpose.  This piece was created as an expression of the microcosm of my life, literally the view out of my back door, and the rhythms of daily life that encompass caring for my plot of earth, growing food, and bringing it to the table.  It uses fabrics I printed and painted, textiles I've collected from around the globe, and remnants from clothing I've sewn.  I can think of no better work to send forth to represent the values and freedoms I hold dear, and hope it will bring a moment of pleasure and quiet contemplation to those who view it in an exotic land.