December 3, 2010

The Organic Garden in the Art in Embassies Program

I am deeply honored to announce that The Organic Garden has been selected for the Art in Embassies program.  It will be part of the exhibition at the US Embassy Residence in Vientiane, Laos, beginning in early 2011 and continuing into 2013.
The Mission Statement of the program: "Established by the United States Department of State in 1964, the ART In Embassies Program is a global museum that exhibits original works of art by U.S. citizens in the public rooms of approximately 180 American diplomatic residences worldwide. These exhibitions, with art loaned from galleries, museums, individual artists, and corporate and private collections, play an important role in our nation's public diplomacy. They provide international audiences with a sense of the quality, scope, and diversity of American art and culture through the accomplishments of some of our most important citizens, our artists"
I am feeling flushed with patriotism at this opportunity to serve my country with such talents as I possess.  Whenever I travel abroad I am always cognizant that, in a sense, I represent the US to the people that I meet, and I'm delighted that my work will now be serving that same purpose.  This piece was created as an expression of the microcosm of my life, literally the view out of my back door, and the rhythms of daily life that encompass caring for my plot of earth, growing food, and bringing it to the table.  It uses fabrics I printed and painted, textiles I've collected from around the globe, and remnants from clothing I've sewn.  I can think of no better work to send forth to represent the values and freedoms I hold dear, and hope it will bring a moment of pleasure and quiet contemplation to those who view it in an exotic land.


Gerrie said...

Congrats. I love this piece. I have been thinking about signing up for this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,
Congratulations on their choice of a beautiful piece! The colorful pieced panels remind me of the Hmong "pan dau" fabric art from that part of the world.

Linda Laird
Quiltart reader

Sue Reno said...

Thanks! Linda, the pieced panels are done with Seminole work, but I would agree the aesthetic is similar to the Pan Dau work--what a cool observation! Interestingly, there is a Hmong population here in Lancaster County, and some of the women find employment doing the hand work on the "Amish" quilts sold in the tourist shops.

Vivien Zepf said...

Congratulations, Sue! This is a wonderful piece of art to represent us. I hope the statement you provide here about your piece also has a chance to be read. It's a moving tribute to your piece and the life you live.