July 6, 2016

A website refresh

I've got a brand new look on my website.  It's clean, it's contemporary, and it's easier than ever to navigate.  I'd like to invite you to take a tour of my galleries at suereno.com  If you've already got it bookmarked, hit refresh and watch the transformation!

I've been online for a long time, and have had several iterations of my site.  This latest change was sparked by a desire for better function on mobile devices.  That goal has been met--above is a screenshot from a tablet, and below from an iPhone:

Of course what really matters is the content.  It's easier than ever now to view and read about my body of work, as organized into galleries: Flora and Fauna, The Garden, The River, The Structures, and The Woods.  All of them reflect my commitment to documenting and sharing the rich environment of my uniquely beautiful home base in  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

A new website called for a new headshot, so here it is, a self portrait in the studio:
As always, thanks for reading and commenting.