March 15, 2008

More Spires and Arches

Isn't this a strong image? It's the smokestack from the former Kerr glass factory in Lancaster. Those of you who have spent time home canning peaches and tomatoes will recognize the name; among other things, the company made canning jars. The large complex no longer houses the factory, and is being renovated to provide office and business space.

The steeple at St. James Episcopal church is rather modest by comparison, and is dwarfed by the magnificent sycamore that grows in the adjacent graveyard.

This is a another wonderfully historic structure:
To round out my short series on arches and spires, here's my small quilt featuring the Veteran's Memorial Bridge that connects Columbia and Wrightsville, PA:
A detail from "The Old Bridge". The center image is printed on cotton, with handpainted silks and cottons in the borders, and hand beading:

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