March 9, 2008

The Winds of Change

March is so changeable. I started out for a walk in brilliant sunshine yesterday; the weather changed abruptly and I headed home into 60 mph wind gusts, dark skies and rain. Very invigorating!

The snow crocuses are blooming. These are small crocuses that naturalize well and spread into big clumps. They bloom a bit earlier than the dutch crocuses and I find them to be extremely cheerful.

Time to plant some pansies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!
It's fun to see all the work you've posted since the last time I dropped by. I love to see the way you're using photographs and images in your work.
I'm contemplating what I'd like to do next with a number of photos I've printed on to fabric.
Thanks for sharing!
Sue K. (from art2mail, and Postmarkd'art)

Marlene said...

I love the vintage embroidery, did you stitch it?

Sue Reno said...

Hi to Sue K. and Marlene, and thanks for stopping by! I didn't stitch the embroidery; I buy pieces like this at flea markets, or people give them to me. Even though most of this kind of work was made from patterns or kits, I think the stitching, even when it is a bit inept, is very expressive. I like to think about the women who made these pieces and what their lives might have been like.