March 25, 2008

Hibiscus in Progress

I'm making progress with the stitching on the hibiscus images. I really enjoy doing the leaf veining--always as botanically correct as I can make it--and the echo quilting. It really makes the images "pop" as they gain definition and dimension. The echo quilting is a good zen exercise, as the ideal is to make countless small decisions quickly without disturbing the flow of the line. I don't mark any of it ahead of time, just make it up as I go along.

When I was first teaching myself to free-motion quilt, I found it helpful to have just a half glass of wine or beer--no where near enough to befuddle, but sufficient to relax and not clench up. Now I know where the mental zone is, and can usually get there with just a short warm-up on a scrap piece.

Here's more of the hibiscus:

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Pat's Place said...

The hibiscus leaves are so wonderfully "accurate" despite the color differences. And your quilting always complements both the plants and the design so well. I'm hoping to give your method a try - not because I want to imitate your work as much as to learn the process and discover ways I might use it in my own style or work.

Besides, I'll never be as good putting together the multiple fabrics that enfold your leaf prints as YOU are. I love watching your work grow via the blog. Keep up the great photo documentary!