March 5, 2008

Blue Cave

I've been thinking about the Watt and Shand building and the deconstructed barn I've featured in previous posts, and I'm realizing that what interests me most about architectural structures is not the void they enclose, but the places and spaces where they interact with the sky. The same interaction can be found with natural structures, of course, and above is a photo that I'm working on making into a small quilt. One of my favorite hiking spots features a narrow but extensive cave in the rock face. I'm not a spelunker, and it's a potentially dangerous cave, so I haven't ventured too far inside, but I like the experience and the perspective of being inside and looking out.

I messed around in Paint Shop with this picture, because I wanted to go beyond the earth tones, as lovely as they are, and try and convey more of what the experience is like. I like this variation:

It's a bit chilly and ethereal, though, and not what I am looking for this time around. Here's the one I've selected to work with:
I've printed it out on silk, and am contemplating my next move.

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