March 29, 2008

QHC in Lancaster, part II

I had a great time at the Quilter's Heritage Celebration yesterday, as you can see by my smiling face. Here I am posed by my entry in the pictorial category, "November Pawpaw".
I met my good friend, the lovely and talented Mary Manahan, at the show. She surprised me with a gift of her luscious hand-dyed fabrics, chosen to coordinate with my cyanotypes. She is a generous soul, and I already have plans for some of them--they will fit in the hibiscus quilt that is my current work-in-progress.

Mary also took pictures for me at the show, so I will share a few more. Here I am with my other entry, in the Wall category, "Skunk Cabbage and Possum".

I thought the level of craftsmanship and technical expertise was very high at this year's show. I really enjoyed looking at the quilts, especially those by people I know, in real life and online. And while art quilts are well represented at the show, especially in the Wall division, I think this show in general has a somewhat traditional feel, which makes me all the more appreciative that my slightly funky work has been accepted here.

To belie my assertion about the conservative nature of the show, it is one of the few venues that each year features the quilts from Quilt National. Viewing the QN exhibit is always interesting and thought-provoking. I like to do a bit of discrete eavesdropping while looking at the art. In the early years of the show, I would hear a lot of disdain and negative comments about the work not being "real quilts", etc., but in the last several years I hear a lot of educated, knowledgeable, and appreciative remarks. I take this as a very positive sign, and am optimistic about the continued further acceptance of art quilts/fiber art as a legitimate art form.

One more picture--I couldn't resist the opportunity for a photo-op with Morna McEver Golletz at her Professional Quilter booth. I deeply appreciate the interest she takes in my work, plus she is a lot of fun to talk with! Here we are with my "Prickly Sow Thistle" in the background.

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PaMdora said...

Looks like you had a great time sue! Thanks for the photo from QN exhibit, what they don't know won't hurt them..:) Too bad they can't mix up exhibits, would a sumac quilt be nice next to my poison ivy quilt?