March 13, 2008

Steeples and Arches

The visual opposite of a cave entrance or an archway is a steeple. The former reveal a section of the sky, the later projects a solid structure into the open void. Lancaster is chock full of churches, and steeples, many of them quite old. Pictured above is the steeple from Trinity Lutheran church, the oldest in town and one of the oldest in PA. The congregation was formed in 1730, and work on this church began in 1761. There's some cool photos of modern repair work that was done on the steeple here.

Next up is the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church:
There's a lot of history here as well:
Apart from their historic and religious significance, these structures interest me because of the way they interact with their environment. Here's a bit of vintage embroidery, from a dresser scarf, that shows what an enduring theme this is:

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