April 1, 2008

International Collage Exhbit goes live

The 10th International Collage Exhibit and Exchange has gone live, with an exhibit online and simultaneously at The Real Tart Gallery in Plymouth, New Zealand. The brainchild of artist Dale Copeland, this year's exhibit features the work of 159 artists from around the world. One collage from each artist is offered for sale, one will goes to a permanent collection in a museum--this year, The Amarillo Museum of Art in Texas--and 11 others are exchanged among the artists. This is my fourth year participating, and it continues to be a great experience.

Pictured above is my "The Last Hurrah #3", part of the Selling Exhibit, and below is "The Last Hurrah #4" which will go to the museum. Both are heliographic prints on cotton, stitched, painted, and mounted on mat board. Take some time to browse the exhibits and enjoy the breadth and depth of the work displayed.

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