April 10, 2008

All Things Calla Lily

I tried to gussy them up by putting them in a handwoven African basket, and surrounding them with chionodoxa flowers, but really, they are unimpressive brown lumpy bulbs. Ahh, but they will turn into something like this:

I bought the bulbs at the farmer's market a few days ago, for the incredible bargain price of $1 each. I'm not certain what variety they will be, but any calla is a good calla.

I've used callas a lot in my fiber work. They are pretty much irresistible--the graceful curving shapes, the markings on the leaves, the way they seem so tropical yet grow here in Pennsylvania. Here's a few postcards made from photographs:

The fabric on the side of the photo is a bit of cotton print fabric from my personal stash. My mother made a dress from in the 50's. It's covered with French motifs--the Eiffel tower, a well-dressed woman walking a poodle, a street side cafe. So chic! I dole it out in bits for different projects, and will miss it when it's gone.

A bit more of my 50's stash is on the bottom of this one.

Here's a small quilt I made featuring a calla lily leaf. The center is a heliographic print done on pink silk:

And a detail from Pink Calla Leaf:

More on callas tomorrow.....

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