April 7, 2008

Architecture update, and the subconscious mind

Work is progressing rapidly on the Watt and Shand building renovation. The interior structural framework has risen to the level of the facade, and a bit beyond. You can no longer see the sky clearly through the facade windows..

Here's a side view showing more of the new interior framework:

I continue to be fascinated by architecture, not so much the bricks and mortar part, or the niceties of design or function, or even what it encloses, but rather the way the structure interacts with the environment. Buildings undergoing renovation, like this one, or the old barn, particularly interest me because they are not currently the barrier to the elements that they were designed to be.

These are the things I ruminate about in the odd moments, and like everything else it spills over into my fiber work. I spent the weekend happily and obsessively working on the design and piecing of my hibiscus quilt. I'm focusing mainly on the leaf and flower shapes, and on the mood and vibe of the plant blooming in the summer sun and heat in my garden. But some of the aesthetics of the architectural shapes seem to have worked their way into it as well:

At this point I am working, for want of a better term, intuitively, and trying my best not to over think the design. I am very particular about the craftsmanship of how it all fits together, and keep basic design principles in mind, but aside from that I try to just let the work flow without a lot of editing. Sometimes I am surprised--happily so-- when I step back and see I've done something like this:

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