February 28, 2008

A Barn Repurposed

I've been driving past this barn for many years. A few weeks ago a crew showed up and started disassembling it. It hasn't been a working farm for a long time, probably since the expressway went in just behind it, and the barn had fallen into disrepair. It will not go to waste, the wood is being carefully removed and hauled off, to be reused either in repairing similar barns, or pehaps planed down for floors or furniture.

I am fascinated by the state of flux, and the way it is open to the elements it kept at bay for so long.

I played in barns similar to this as a child, so it's easy for me to imagine it in its prime, when perhaps it held horses,
and a rooster woke the family each morning: I found those two bits of charming vintage embroidery, along with others, at the local flea market, and repurposed them into a quilt.

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