February 15, 2008

Shelf Mushroom

One more installment, for now, in my focus on the fungus series. Once again I am imprecise, and am calling this simply a shelf mushroom. There are many types of shelf mushrooms, or polypores, including the flamboyant chicken of the woods in my earlier post, but I am not skilled enough in the ways of the polypore to distinguish this one, so I have deferred to the generic. Viewed this way, from the top, it is a mildly interesting amorphous blob growing on a tree trunk. Ahh, but if you crouch down and take its picture from underneath, with the sunlight shining through it, and framed by greenbrier, you get something much more wonderful:
The image in "Shelf Mushroom" was printed on silk, and is bordered by silks and Harris tweed wools, with lots of machine stitching and hand beading.

Here is a detail from "Shelf Mushroom":

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Twila Grace said...

Nice work, great subject matter. I like!