February 3, 2008

Asian Pears

On a mild late winter day like today I like stroll about and inspect my trees with an eye as to how they should be pruned. It's a bit early do do the work, but the anticipation is half the fun. I have three Asian pears that grow quickly and ideally should be pruned and shaped each year. They are wonderful trees. They are beautiful and prolific in bloom, but not blowsy like some ornamental pears. Other than pruning, they require very little care, they are very resistant to disease and insect infestation, and they produce bumper crops of delicious pears.

I eat a lot and give a lot away, but there are still a fair number of drops, ones that fall to the ground and start to decay. This is not a bad thing, as it provides food for a variety of wildlife. They are particularly attractive to eastern comma butterflies, which are sociable and not very skittish. If you stand nearby when they are feeding on the pears, and are quiet and still, they will sometimes land on you and rest. It's good to be ready with camera in hand, to capture moments like this:

This is a page I made for a fiber art journal that was part of a cooperative project with other artists organized by Janet Ghio. The photo was digitally altered, printed on cotton, stitched, and enhanced with paint.

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