April 22, 2008

V for Victory, and The Hell with Housework

In the last several posts I've shown how I incorporate vintage textiles into my work. Today I'm I featuring two that are so unique, I doubt I will ever meld them with anything. They need to be enjoyed on their own merits.

Above is a small table scarf. My guess is that it was made in the WWII era, based on the patriotically colored "V". I further speculate that it was a tribute to service dogs that served with the armed forces. I love the way dog and the V are surrounded by the typical flowers.

The next item is little cocktail apron with a very un-50's sentiment. The words are made from machine stitched ric-rac. It is slightly worn, so I assume that whoever made it actually wore it, perhaps while entertaining. I love the sentiment--I hate housework, but cared enough to craft this apron, so please excuse the mess. I'm just waiting for the right social occasion to prance about in it myself.

Here's the detail shot:

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