May 31, 2009

Washington State - Stonehenge

We drove up the Columbia River Gorge, hiking along the way and stopping at Hood River for lunch, then crossed the river into Washington State. There was a remarkable line of demarcation where the temperate rain forest ended and the desert high plains began. Along the ridge there was a huge windmill farm, below is just a small portion of it:
We toured the Maryhill Museum, in the mansion built by Sam Hill, a railroad and highway baron. (Perhaps you recognize the euphemism "What in the Sam Hill?) It houses a wonderful eclectic collection of art, artifacts including a throne and crown from the Queen of Romania, and an excellent collection of Native American objects, including lots of beadwork that had me mesmerized:
At one point Sam toured England and saw Stonehenge, and decided he needed one of his own. His was built as a memorial to slain soldiers from WWI. It's made from concrete, and is nice and solid--no broken bits here!

It was a pleasantly surreal discovery, and the late afternoon shadows made for some great photo ops:
A view through the arches of vineyards and orchards:

I love the way they textured the concrete:

The nearby gift shop was scheduled to close up soon due to the slow economy, so we scored one of the last of the "Stonehenge, Washington " mugs and t-shirts. Good thing I have lots of pictures to also help me remember a lovely day:

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