May 10, 2009

San Francisco Vacation

I'm recently back from a fabulous week's vacation in the San Francisco area. A highlight of the trip was meeting in person the lovely and talented Franki Kohler, who I have known online for years. Franki is an author, an accomplished art quilter, and does a excellent job of running the mail art group Postmark'd Art, so we've corresponded by both email and snail mail. She and her husband David graciously invited us to their beautiful home for lunch, so I can now add "great cook" to my list of Franki's talents! Thanks, Franki, we really enjoyed our visit and getting to know you better.
I also got out to see a lot of scenery. These shots are from Ocean Beach just outside of the city, a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. I like this shot above with all the little blue flags; they were markers for a native plant restoration project. Below is a view looking back from the cliffs and up the hill:

And below are the cliffs and the bay:

This is also the site of the historic Sutro Baths, where Victorians could take the waters in a splendid fashion. They're a splendid set of ruins now:
I was able to photographically indulge my love of portals:

Lots more pictures to come as I get them edited--stay tuned!


Kristin L said...

Ooh, beautiful scenery. I look forward to the next installment.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! I'm so glad you and Franki got to meet! :-)
Sue K.

Del said...

Sue - I connected with W/your blog again via Postmark'd Art and it is wonderful to see your newest quilts. Somehow my addleminded computer dropped a bunch of names from my list and I didn't ever get them all back. Congratulations on your exhibits and sales. The Big Root Geranium is one of my favorites. Del

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time, Sue. Fantastic photos!