May 20, 2009

Portland - Japanese Garden

As a contrast to the wilderness areas I've been hiking in, I made a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden. It's very intricately laid out and meticulously maintained, and a real pleasure to stroll about in. I have only a casual knowledge about the principles of Japanese garden design, but it was easy to enjoy the experience without specialized knowledge. Above is part of a moss garden, and below is a small fountain, one of many water features.
Below is a perfect white camellia:

A raked gravel and rock garden:

A landscape view with an elegantly pruned tree:

Another landscape view:

The rhododendrons were at their peak of bloom:

A rhododendron close-up:

A conifer being supported and shaped by a bamboo framework:


Vivien said...

I'm enjoying the travelogue. I've never been to Oregon. Glad you had a chance to meet Terry and Gerrie; what fun!

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Vivien! I am having an absolutely wonderful time; more picture are on the way.