May 20, 2009

Portland - Philomath

I've known Gerrie Congdon and Terry Grant online for years; I've admired their work and thought they would be lovely people to know in person. Yesterday they proved me right by picking me up and taking me along to see Karen Miller's solo show of her beautiful katazome work at the Historical Society Museum in Philomath, followed by a meeting of their 'High Fiber Diet' quilt group, where I was treated to images from their new 'Line Dancing' exhibit.
Above is Terry on the left, and Karen on the right, sharing a happy moment.

Above is Karen on the left, and Gerrie on the right, discussing a fine point of technique. Below is a partial view of the display space.

I also got to see Gerrie's charming home and studio, meet her new puppy Scooter, and see some of her work up close and personal--a real pleasure. Thanks a lot, Terry and Gerrie, for showing me some of the back roads of rural Oregon and treating me to splendid day out, I really appreciated your hospitality!


Terry said...

It was such a nice day! So nice to finally meet you, with years of common experience behind us, it was like meeting an old friend.

Gerrie said...

It was great and you learned the correct pronunciation of Orygun!!