May 18, 2009

Portland - Ecola State Park

We got to Ecola State Park on the Oregon Coast just as the fog was starting to roll in, which made for some fabulous pictures. Above is a view of Cannon beach with just the tip of Haystack Rock visible ; in the lower left you can see two people in the surf for a sense of scale. Below is the same beach from a higher perspective. The fog ebbed and flowed all afternoon, but never blanketed the whole area.
We hiked along a trail leading to Indian beach, which veered between the deeper woods and the edges of the cliffs, offering spectacular glimpses of our destination:

A slightly tricky bit of the trail, where it was important to pay attention:

Every turn and twist of the way provided another stunning view and photo op:

An open spot on the interior of the trail:

A fallen giant with ferns sprouting from ruins. Everything was incredibly verdant and lush:


Kristin L said...

Photo 5 doesn't even look real! That's incredible.

Sue Reno said...

I know, it IS incredible. I am in such a happy mental space from having hiked there.

Vivien said...

Yep, definitely looks too good to be true. I'd say it was a movie set if I didn't know better.