May 28, 2009

Portland - Cape Lookout

Another day trip out of Portland led to Cape Lookout State Forest, on the coast just outside of Tillamook. The trail started out gently winding through lush old growth forest, above, then quickly turned into another adrenaline inducing adventure with narrow passages along precipitous drops like this:
And this:

In just a few places there were minimally reassuring cable guides:

The risk was worth it for glimpses of the peninsula and ocean like this one:

And stunning views like this:
And this:

Along the way, I spotted two whales spouting in the ocean, a small salamander being chased by a large black snake, was dive bombed by a hummingbird, and saw lots of wildflowers including this Indian Paintbrush:


norma said...

My son lives in Portland, OR and he sends me the most incredible photos from his hikes. Yes, it is a beautiful part of the country. Great pictures!

Linda Laird said...

Dear Sue,

Thanks for sharing the beauty! My DH and I toured the NW last Oct., and had terrific luck with almost every day of sunny, dry weather. We're returning in Aug. to see the Oregon coast. Lots of inspiration for art!!

Keep up the good work,
Linda Laird
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margaret said...

What a beautiful place - thanks for sharing. And also for the pic of that unknown fern; it's beautiful.