March 3, 2009

The Routine

The snow and ice and howling winds continue....the best way to get through the days is with a routine.
A bowl of oatmeal "sticks to the ribs" and fuels the day's activities.

There's never enough Play Time, but it's important to fit some in amongst all the chores and tasks.

And before you know it, another day gone. Surely the weather will break soon, and Spring will come.
The images are the four corners of a vintage embroidered tablecloth from my collection.


Mary said...

Totally darling! Thanks for posting.

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Mary! I like to post vintage textiles from time to time--it's my way of paying homage to the needleworkers of another generation.

Loreen Leedy said...

Love these. My mom had some kitchen towels with embroidered designs.