March 18, 2009

Watt & Shand #3 In Progress

Here's a few quick snapshots of the work in progress. I made a few more prints using the thermofax screens for Watt & Shand #3; I wanted some brighter colors. I love the way the way this one came out:
This one is printed on a natural linen fabric: Can you tell by the color palette that spring is almost here? Or that I was ready for a change from the almost-monotone palette of the last two Watt & Shand pieces? I was probably influenced by both those factors, but actually the palette in this one was a deliberate attempt to evoke the summery feel of Lancaster City in July, which is when the photos for this one were taken. Lancaster has been a Tree City for years, and there's a lot of greenery around, as well as a proliferation of colorful flower beds and flowering baskets.

The top is finished, next comes the layering, basting, quilting and finishing. I've been very prolific so far this year!


Alpenhimmel said...

I love the first one as well. The way the blue and green pass each other makes it look like a cloud passing by the window. Really nice.

Sue Reno said...

Thanks! It was a bit of a happy accident.

Anonymous said...

Sue, it is such a joy to see how your work is evolving....I love what you are doing with the thermofax screens. The green just sings in this piece!