March 31, 2009

Progress on Several Fronts

I'm making good progress on quilting Watt & Shand #3. (If you are new here, you can track back this series by clicking on Watt & Shand under Labels in the right sidebar.) I'm reminded once again how much I love working in this medium. I enjoy manipulating the fabric under the needle, making decisions on the fly as to where to go next. I especially like the transformative power of the stitching, the way it simultaneously unifies the diverse fabrics and colors while highlighting the individual design elements. And the texture is fabulous as well.
I was asked today if this one was going to get any bling-bling. I've been considering it as I stitch, and I think the possibility is great. I also love the transformative power of beads!

I've also unearthed the Plume Poppy top. I think I've been not-too-subconsciously procrastinating working on this one because it is so large; however, there's no time like the present to tackle something complex. I've now got it layered with batting and backing, basted, and have begun the quilting. It's going to be a stunner; that's the motivation I'm using to keep myself engaged.
And finally, while it is still much too cold and windy for any sort of gamboling and luxuriating in a spring-induced frenzy outdoors, I am heartened to see that the chinodoxa are bravely blooming in a sheltered spot next to the wall. Surely good things will follow....


PaMdora said...

Like the stitching on the top one, it looks cool. I need to get in the studio and get a new quilt going!

Sue Reno said...

Thanks! It so easy to get distracted by associated tasks and business details, but the making is the really enjoyable part. Have fun in the studio, and I'll be watching for updates.