March 6, 2009

The Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill - Update

I posted pictures back in November of the Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill in Columbia, a magnificent hulk, and the plans to turn it into a tourist attraction for Turkey Hill Dairy. Now I've read an article in the local paper that details proposed plans to turn a part of the site into something called Farm World. The idea would be to educate tourists about the basics of how agriculture works, something we take for granted here, but which would presumably be exotic to visitors from the big city. And, I'm not making this up, "To move around Lancaster Farm World, visitors would be able to use pedal go-carts, shaped like tractors." I'm in!

The good news is that it was unclear to me from previous news articles whether the site would be razed or the building reclaimed. Here it looks like the building, or at least the shell, will be retained. Since the Watt & Shand project (see under Labels in the sidebar) is drawing to an end, I'm excited at the prospect of having another interesting construction project to follow and document.

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