February 25, 2009

Watt & Shand Postcards

I've been a member of Postmark'd Art since its inception. Incredibly, we are now on our 8th round of mail art exchanges, and still going strong. The possibilities for design excitement in the 4" x 6" format seem limitless, and the fun of getting cool art in the mail never grows old for me.
This time around I riffed on what I was creating on a large scale in the studio, and made a set of "Watt & Shand Banner" postcards. I used the fabric I had custom printed from my photo and used in "Watt & Shand #2" , and combined it with fabrics used in "Watt & Shand #1". I'm really happy with the way they turned out, I like the way the banners stand out from the monochromatic color scheme.

If you are new here, you can track back the progress of the Watt & Shand series, and why it excites me, by clicking on Watt & Shand under Labels in the sidebar at the right.

I had a few extra cards that I mounted on matboard, see # 16 above and #18 below, and am offering for sale at $45 each, postage included. I've added these and two others to my Sue Reno Studio Sale site, under "Digital Prints". You can Email me to arrange for purchase. Thanks!


Kristin L said...

These look fabulous. I can see why two got special treatment -- I love the bottom fabric on #16 and how it suggests some fancy architectural filigree.

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Kristin! These small works always look matted, I think. It gives them more presence. I'm in love with that fabric too. I found it in a bargain rack at a quilt shop, it's not "pretty", but it's awesome in this context.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous warm red with the monochromatic images. Keep up the wonderful work, Sue!