February 9, 2009

Rock Hill Bridge

When I was out and about this past weekend, I traveled on the two-span truss bridge carrying Rock Hill Road over the Conestoga River. It is a single lane bridge, similar in style but far superior in condition than the Pequea Creek Bridge I featured earlier. It's rated at a 6 out of 9; bridge buffs can read all the specifics here, and zoom in on it on Google maps here.

The decking is an open gridwork, so you can see the river below as you walk across:

It was repainted not too long ago, and I love the minty green color.

Here you can see a glimpse of the historic Rock Hill Tavern at the far end.

I am becoming increasingly enamored of these kind of geometric shapes, especially when juxtaposed with the woods and the water. I'm thinking about ways to incorporate these images into artwork.

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