February 16, 2009

Watt & Shand #2 in Progress

Watt & Shand #1 is essentially finished, it just needs a sleeve, a label, and photography, so I have moved on to the second one in the series. This one combines digital images with cyanotypes.
The images for this one come from photographs taken in January of 2008, when the facade was still supported by scaffolding, and someone brilliant made the decision to decorate the scaffolding with bright orange banners. I was enthralled with the total visual effect of the stone, the metal scaffolding, and the textiles.

You can see the framework of the new convention center beginning to take shape behind the facade.
If you are new here, take a moment to click on Watt & Shand in the labels sidebar to the right, and track back how this series of works is developing.
And thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

You do amazing work Sue!! I love seeing your new pictures of your work on your blog!! Keep up the good work!!

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Carrie! It's kind comments like that that make blogging worthwhile.