February 2, 2009

Mid-Atlantic acceptance 2009

I'm pleased to announce that two of my quilts will be exhibited at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA, Feb. 26 - Mar. 1. It will be the first time Sycamore is on exhibit, and I'm excited to send it out into the world.
It's a large work, 69" wide by 45" high, and a lot of intricate work went into it, including some extensive beadwork. You can track it back as a work in progress by clicking on "Sycamore" on the Labels sidebar at the right.

Also going to Mid-Atlantic is White Mulberry. Both quilts have good colors and a good energetic feel for a springtime show.


Kristin L said...

Congratulations! I especially like White Mullberry -- perhaps it's the simplicity, perhaps it's the striped fabric in the border, either way, it's lovely. :-)

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Kristin! The striped fabric in the inner border is from a blouse I made for myself in high school, if you can imagine...The outer border is from Usha at Handloom Batiks, it's an Indian handloom that looked a bit plain on its own, but really sings in this context.