May 21, 2008

When it's Time to Relax

This is shaping up to be the wettest, and the greenest, spring in recent memory. I am not complaining--rain is far preferable to drought--but it has been a bit cold and dreary. This morning we had a break in the clouds and a bit of warm sunshine, and it was most welcome.

I glanced out the window at one point and was startled to see a squirrel spread out flat on the deck railing. Its legs were hanging down, and its eyes were half closed, and I thought at first it was ill. When I opened the door to get a closer look, it yawned and stretched and nonchalantly trotted off. It had just been enjoying a sunbath! I've been watching squirrels for many years, and this is the first time I've ever seen one chillaxing. Presumably they do rest at times in the trees, but when they venture to the deck they are usually scampering and scurrying. My dear departed dog is no doubt rolling over in her grave at this bit of rodent insolence.

The squirrel's attitude put me in mind of a vintage embroidered dresser scarf I have, seen below:


Anonymous said...

LOL....the squirrels here do this on our deck rail all the time. We've even watched them walk along the rail and suddenly flop down. It is hilarious to watch!

Iris said...

hahah Chillaxing!! It has to be a real word if you published it on your site!