May 28, 2008

Big Root Geranium

I've started a new piece based on the big root geranium, Geranium macrorrhizum, a perennial cranesbill (not to be confused with the pelargonium commonly used in planters). This unassuming perennial has grown to be a favorite of mine. It is reliable and undemanding, spreading to form a ground cover that looks good almost year round. The leaves are nicely aromatic when touched, and the flowers and resultant seedpods are attractive and interesting.

A few years ago I did a small quilt based on the related Geranium "Wargrave Pink". It has a more upright growth pattern, the leaves are more deeply cut, and the flowers are simpler in form:

Here's the resultant quilt; the center image is a cyanotype (see more on my website):

And a detail:
The new geranium quilt is shaping up to be larger, and with a very different color palette. Stay tuned.....

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