May 30, 2008

Big Root Geranium, part 3

I've picked out the color palette for the Big Root Geranium. I try to go into this part of the process with an open mind. My ideas and selections are based partly on how the plant looks in nature, but I don't want to limit myself to absolute realism. It's run through the filter of how I think about the plant in relationship to the other plants around it, how it grows throughout the seasons, and how I've interacted with it over the years. The process is hard to describe, but it could best be called "intuitive". If I don't over think it, I get real thrill when I hit on the right combinations for a particular new project.

Here's a bit more of the colors and fabrics I'm working with. It's a combination of silks, commercial cottons, and cottons that I've hand painted and patterned:

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