May 7, 2008

Am Fluss/By the River

Back in early 2006, which seems like a very long time ago, there was a request circulating around various fiber and art forums for submissions to a mail art exhibit to be held in Bremen, Germany. The theme was "Am Fluss/By the River"; it looked like a good cause, and I love sending thing off to foreign countries. I had some postcards around at the time, and sent two of them to the organizer. A lot of other artists who I know online did the same.

The cards were all duly noted as they arrived on a blog, which was fun and interesting, but then communications fizzled out, and the promised exhibition book never materialized. I don't waste a lot of time fretting about things out of my control, and I fully understand how creative people can get sidetracked/run out of time/run out of energy, so I let it go.

Lo and behold, the exhibition booklet turned up in the mail last week, with nice documentation and pictures of all the mail art. Better late than never, and I fully appreciate it. Here are my contributions:

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