May 16, 2008

Watt and Shand May update

I continue to chart the progress of the conversion of the former Watt and Shand department store building in Lancaster to a new convention center. I've added the Watt and Shand label on the right so you can look back over the changes if you are so inclined.

This month, the new structure is rising rapidly above the old facade, changing the aesthetic dramatically. The lovely old building is diminishing in visual importance, and it's starting to look like any modern construction project. I'm hoping that the skin of the new section will work as planned to integrate the two sections.

I'm getting itchy to start making cyanotypes of some of these photographs; I have a lot planned for them. Surely there are some warm sunny days ahead when I can do some prints....
I like the vertical elements in the picture below--the lamppost on the left, the crane in the middle,and the Soldiers and Sailors monument on the right.

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