July 21, 2014

Today’s Inspiration: The Woods

I am posting each day of the Quilting Arts TV blog hop with a personal message about inspiration and creativity.  When you’re done reading here, pop on over to the featured artists of the day to enjoy their blogposts.  Today’s bloggers are: Carrie Bloomston (suchitysuch.blogspot.com) AND Catherine Redford (catherineredford.com)
Sue Reno, Jack in the Pulpit
Today’s inspiration is The Woods. As a child I spent a good bit of time roaming around and playing in the woods, and basically, I just never stopped.
Sue Reno, House Rock Overlook
I go hiking whenever I get the chance, and the woodlands and wild places of Pennsylvania are a never ending wellspring of inspiration for me.Sue Reno, White Mulberry My work is not overtly political, but it has an environmental subtext. I am doing my part for the preservation movement by quilting paeans to the large and small wonders I find in the wild.
Sue Reno, Mystery FernThe woodlands filter our water and our air. They provide habitat for the flora and fauna that comprise our biome.
Sue Reno, November Pawpaw And who isn’t improved and inspired by a walk in the woods?  It gives us time to slow down, to observe, to be still.
Sue Reno, Sumac When you are back from your walk, keep that happy vibe going by watching your Quilting Arts TV DVD
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Tomorrow’s featured bloggers:  Me! (suereno.blogspot.com) AND Rebekah Meier (rebekahmeier.com)

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KAM said...

Sue, I always appreciate how you bring in the unexpected colors to your work with natural forms. This snapshot of your work is grand. I am so appreciating this series of posts.