July 19, 2014

Today’s Inspiration: Vintage Textiles

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Sue Reno, Daylilies at Dawn, detail
Today’s inspiration is Vintage Textiles.  When I tell someone I am a quilter, they often respond with a story about a grandma or aunt who made quilts. 
 Sue Reno, Lavender in a Lightning Storm
This opens up a wonderful dialogue about the type of work women in past generations did, and the types of contemporary/modern/art quilting that are popular now.
Sue Reno, Deer and Mayapple, detail
Personally, I don’t see a lot of difference.  Vintage and modern textiles are all points along a continuum.
Sue Reno, November Pawpaw, detail
Women have always used the technologies and materials that were available to them.  Imagine the thrill of obtaining a treadle machine, when you've previously done all your sewing by hand.  Machine sewing changed family dynamics and changed society.
Sue Reno, Squirrel and Locust, detail
And women have always done both practical sewing and fancier sewing, if they had the time and resources.  Embroidering a table runner or appliquéing a quilt top was an acceptable creative outlet when there were few available.
Sue Reno, Vole and Viburnum, detail
I like to honor the work of the stitchers of previous generations and incorporate vintage textiles into my work when I can.
Sue Reno, Fox and Hackberry, detail
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KAM said...

Sue...in an article I am writing for Ragged Cloth I focus on an artist who designs her pieces using vintage hand-worked textiles. Big smile as I read your post today..synchronicity alive and well. And yes, I will be in touch with you for a post for September. Thanks for the great leads you gave me for that article...and thanks for writing an interesting blog that not only shows the work you are doing but serves as an inspiration to me to spend the time developing my very own textile voice.
Thanks again for this post...very well done. Kristin