July 17, 2014

Kousa Dogwood – Work in Progress Update 2

Kousa Dogwood, a work in progress by Sue Reno, Image 5
After making some cyanotype prints of my Kousa dogwood, I experimented with a new product, Jacquard Solar Fast.  (I have no affiliation and am receiving no compensation.)  It’s a sunlight-developed dye that comes in a range of colors.  I chose Green for this trial. The process is straightforward. Using a piece of foam board for support, I brushed the dye on pfd (prepared for dyeing) fabric, in this case cotton sateen, so that it was even coated but not super saturated. The product had a strong ammonia smell, but it has been reformulated since I purchased mine and the new batches are said to be odor free.  I arranged my dogwood leaves and blossoms on the fabric.
Kousa Dogwood, a work in progress by Sue Reno, Image 6
I covered the arrangement with a piece of plate glass and took it out into the sunlight for a timed exposure.  I did a few tests to determine the correct time, in this case about 15 minutes.  I could see the deep green color developing.
Kousa Dogwood, a work in progress by Sue Reno, Image 7 Above you see the print after exposure and before washing.  Unlike cyanotype prints, which just need to be rinsed, this product needs to be thoroughly washed out of the fabric, using textile detergent.
Kousa Dogwood, a work in progress by Sue Reno, Image 8 And here is a finished print.  I’m quite pleased with it.  The green color will be a good, subtle contrast to the cyanotype Prussian blue, and there is just enough difference in the look of the two types of prints to make it interesting.  I think Solar Fast has a lot of potential for my work, and plan on experimenting with other colors and processes with it.

This work in progress will but put to one side for a time as I wait for the Kousa fruits to ripen. They are lovely and bumpy and interesting, and the foliage has good autumn color.   I will take photos and make images in the fall, and have until then to consider how I want to proceed.

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Laura said...

This looks very interesting! I might try it out, as I want to make a shower curtain with a dark background and white leaves/branches on it. Thanks for the idea and your process pictures.