July 25, 2014

Today’s Inspiration: Travel

I am posting each day of the Quilting Arts TV blog hop with a personal message about inspiration and creativity.  Today is the last day in the series, and today’s blogger is Susan Brubaker Knapp (bluemoonriver.blogspot.com), the new host of Quilting Arts TV

Sue Reno, vintage photo of Ladies Hostel, Mysore, India

Today’s Inspiration is Travel.  I was born with a wanderlust.  I’ve been fortunate that I get to indulge in travel from time to time, while still being a responsible adult and fulfilling the responsibilities of home and hearth.
Sue Reno, vintage photo of Bombay, India
I can say that travel literally changed my life.  When I was in college, I signed up, more or less on a whim, to spend a semester in India. To the best of my knowledge, our group was the only American student group officially in the subcontinent at that time, and to say we had adventures would be an understatement.
Sue Reno, Mysore India, street scene
I fell in love with the country, the beautiful and gracious people I met everywhere, and the gorgeous silks and handwoven khadi cottons I discovered and brought back home.
Sue Reno, Ginger Merged with the Pennsylvania Dutch aesthetic I grew up  with, the experience formed the basis for my initial and ongoing artistic practice. SueReno_Mysore23
I had the opportunity to return to India a few years ago, revisit some of my old haunts, and have some new adventures.  I did a series of blog posts you can access at the tab at the top, or by clicking here.  When you have a bit of free time, why not sit down with a beverage of choice and explore the country with me?
 Sue Reno, Shivanasamudra Falls, India
I’m certain you have enjoyed your travels around the blog-o-sphere with all the artists featured on the Series 1400 Quilting Arts TV DVD
Quilting Arts TV DVD Cover Image
You can learn more about it on the Quilting Arts TV Website.

I hope you will tag my blog by whatever method works for you—there’s options on the right, under my profile-- and revisit my site often.  I don’t post by a regular schedule, but I do post when I feel I have something worth saying and sharing, and I would love to have you along to share the journey.

And as always, thanks for reading and posting.


KAM said...

So wonderful today to once again read about your traveling and especially about the "discovering" and using the vibrant silks in your work. I have collected silks forever and was encouraged by your writing to include some of them in my art quilts and have done so with good success. Loved taking some time to explore with you this morning - thank you for the enriching experience of "traveling and seeing" with you.

Laura McGrath said...

I tried to watch the QA preview on my iPad, got sound but no video.

Sue Reno said...

Hi Laura, I'm sorry you are having difficulties. I don't have any control over how the previews air. You could try re-booting, or emailing Quilting Arts. I'm sure it's just a glitch. Thanks for reading!