July 23, 2014

Today’s Inspiration: The River

I am posting each day of the Quilting Arts TV blog hop with a personal message about inspiration and creativity.  When you’re done reading here, pop on over to the featured artists of the day to enjoy their blogposts.  Today’s bloggers are: Lyric Kinard (lyrickinard.com/blog) AND Margie Ullery (ribboncandyquilts.blogspot.com)

Today’s Inspiration is The River.  I’ve lived near the Susquehanna River for most of my life.
  Sue Reno, In Dreams I Flew Over the River, detail
As a child I had an uncle who owned an island in the river.  One year when the river was very low, he drove a old Farmall tractor across to the island, and did some hobby farming there.  It seemed like a magical place to me.
Sue Reno, In Dreams I Saw the Colors Change
I was in college, working a summer job in Harrisburg, PA, when Hurricane Agnes dropped torrential rains that turned the normally placid river into a raging force of destruction.  I saw firsthand the power that the river possessed.
Sue Reno, In Dreams I Climbed the Cliffs
The Susquehanna still seems magical to me.  I never tire of visiting it, in its many moods.  
Sue Reno, If I Woke at Dawn
Some time ago I began dreaming about the river, and started a series of quilts that incorporate needlefelting with wool and silk fibers.
Sue Reno, In Dreams I Flew Over the River
I demonstrate my technique for needlefelting on the Quilting Arts TV DVD.  I hope you will try it and adapt it as your own, reflecting your own environment.
SueReno, RiverThemed Needlefelting, QATV
Read more about series 1400, including the schedule, on the Quilting Arts TV Website
Quilting Arts TV DVD Cover Image
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