June 23, 2009

Parade of Homes Installation

I have some installation photos from the PA Arts Experience exhibit at the Parade of Homes builder's showcase house. (See my previous blog post here for info and links to the architect, builder, and house plans.) Above is The Organic Garden hanging in the master suite; to the left is Rob Evans' pastel, West Side, Deer Isle.
Above is Tall Blue Lettuce hanging in the dining room; below you see it again next to Sumac. I really like the wall color in this room, it was neutral without being boring, and was a great backdrop for the art.

The artwork filled the house, and looked like a million bucks. The builders were very pleased with how well it complemented the home, and they received a lot of interest and comments from the the touring public. It was definitely a worthwhile project for all concerned.
Below are two views of the countryside as seen through the windows in the rear of the house for your viewing enjoyment.


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

They look really great, Sue! Can you share with us how you got linked in with the tour and/or the architect or interior designer? Did you approach them and pitch the idea to them? What hurdles, if any, did you face (as a fiber artist) that other artists might not have... did they worry about people touching them? or how to hang them?

Sue Reno said...

Thanks, Susan. I didn't set it up personally; it was arranged through the PA Arts Experience (see link in post above), a regional arts group that I've been very fortunate to be a part of. There were no problems at all with hanging, I use a slat with eyehooks that can rest on two finish nails. I did have some initial concerns about touching,(we all know how tempting the tactile qualities of fiber can be) but there were well placed "Please do not touch the artwork" signs, the builders had staff on duty continually, and I think the gallery-like treatment of the space helped foster respect for all the artwork. So no hurdles at all, just a positive experience.

Kristin L said...

They all look fantastic and it's so nice to hear that everyone had a positive experience. i especially like how great Sumac looks!

lindacreates said...

The quilts are stunning!