June 28, 2009

Machine Quilting Unlimited Article

I'm very excited to announce that I've been published in the latest issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. I'm the first artist to be chosen for their new feature called Art Studio. I wrote about how I employ the quilting line as a design element in my work. It's lavishly illustrated with detail shots of my quilts that clearly demonstrate the specifics addressed in the text.

This is a great publication that balances good photography ("eye candy") with deep content relevant and useful to all machine quilters (longarm and domestic sewing machine users). Check out the cover and table of contents for the July issue here to see what I mean.

The editorial staff was great to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of producing the article. I've found I have a lot to say about how I work and what's important to me in the process, and I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to share it.


Terry said...

Congratulations, Sue! I need to find this magazine.

lindacreates said...

Congratulations Sue! That is so exciting and I am going to go out and find it. Hopefully it is a Border's as that is the store I go to locally.
You have encouraged me to free motion and I look forward to your article. The magazine looks like it is a interesting one.

Vivien said...

Congratulations, Sue; how exciting! I'll have to go out and find a copy.