January 15, 2016

New Work - Japanese Anemone

I am happy to share my latest work, Japanese Anemone.

Japanese Anemone, by Sue Reno

It's built around cyanotype prints I made of the flowers and leaves last autumn. One of the wonderful things about this long-lived perennial is its habit of blooming late in the year, when the delicate pink or white flowers are especially appreciated. Everywhere else in the garden, things are beginning to brown and break down for their winter dormancy, so that's the dynamic I worked on capturing for this artquilt.

Japanese Anemone, by Sue Reno, detail 1

The above print was made directly from the leaves and flowers, onto silk noil that I treated with cyanotype chemicals.  The silk has an appealing nubby texture. The other cyanotype prints are from my digital photos of the flowers, turned into transparencies. After printing I hand tinted them.

Japanese Anemone, by Sue Reno, detail 2
The patchwork is made from my own hand painted fabrics, combined with commercial silks and cottons. The bluebirds of happiness are vintage embroideries from my collection.

Japanese Anemone, by Sue Reno, detail 3
This piece is 40" high by 46" wide.

Enjoy! And as always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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