January 22, 2016

Cyanotype article in Quilting Arts Magazine

Quilting Arts, Cyanotype Article by Sue Reno, Image 1

I'm pleased to share that I have an article in the current issue of  Quilting Arts Magazine, Issue 79, Feb.-Mar. 2016.  

Quilting Arts, Cyanotype Article by Sue Reno, Image 2
I was asked to review Jacquard's new line of cyanotype products, including pre-cut and pre-treated fabric sheets, and a kit for treating your own fabric  In the review I walk you through the steps involved in making a successful cyanotype print on fabric. One of the reasons I love the process so much is that it's relatively easy for a beginner to pick up, but holds endless possibilities for the experienced artist.  

Japanese Anemone, by Sue Reno

I made a lot of test prints with what was currently blooming in my garden, and I had such good results that I was inspired to make an art quilt with them.  Japanese Anemone features prints on both silk and cotton, made directly from the plant and from digital images. 

Sue Reno selfie

Since the focus of this issue is on portrait quilts, editor Vivika Hansen DeNegre asked if I could print a selfie as a cyanotype.  What a fun assignment!  I stepped outside on a warm fall day and snapped this. I tried to exaggerate my features a bit so the details wouldn't get lost in the print.
Sue Reno selfie negative
 I turned the image into a greyscale negative, and printed it out onto a acetate transparency sheet.

Sue Reno selfie cyanotype
 I laid the transparency on a piece of treated fabric, did a timed exposure, and voila!

You can learn how to do this, and more, with the tips I share in the article.  And of course, the entire issue is filed with both eye candy and great information.

And don't forget I have a Quilting Arts Workshop Video available as a DVD or download, where I show you in detail the cyanotype process and other surface design essentials.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!


Anni Matsick said...

Wow, cool! Your processes include so much fun.

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Anni! Probably more fun than the law allows :-)

Franki Kohler said...

I just got my copy of QA -- great article and a nice detailed followed-up here. Thanks Sue!