January 24, 2016

Limestone Kiln and Breezyview

We went out last week to a newly opened section of the Northwest River Trial, starting in Columbia PA. The first bit skirts an industrial section of the city, but it soon opens up into the woods. A gorgeous old limestone kiln provides plenty of photo opportunities.

Here's the fisheye view from the interior looking up:
More fisheye views:

The newly opened section joins up with the existing trail system at the old Point Rock Railroad tunnel.
A detail shot of the wall face, with lichen and heuchera:
This section of the trail is separated from the river by the railroad tracks, and doesn't offer any good direct views.  We considered climbing up to the Breezyview Overlook, but it had started snowing and the the hillside was very slippery, so we backtracked and drove up to it.
The Susquehanna was particularly beautiful seen through the light veil of snow.
I chose this shot as the weekly image for my 52 Ways to Look at the River project.
Here's the panel for week 30. I loved working with the monochrome palette:
Read more about the project by clicking the 52 Ways tab at the top, and follow along with me each week on your platform of choice:
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Heather Pregger said...

I Love the monochromatic palette, too. What a lovely source photo, and a beautiful interpretation of it.

Your photos of the lime kiln are really interesting. Are you going to use one/some of them in your work?

Sue Reno said...

Hi Heather, thanks! They are a lot of these old kilns in the area, and I've been collection pictures for years. So many ideas for artwork, so little time!

Franki Kohler said...

I'm enjoying your 52-week project! And the kiln -- what a find Sue! Great photos and the subject would be fun to sketch as well.