September 8, 2015

Work in Progress, Raccoon and Apple – Update 3

Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP10
While I was working on the overall design, I did the first round of stitching on the prints.  The skulls got a lot of detailed outline work, and were filled in with pebble stitching.
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP11
The apple prints were outlined, leaf veins added, then echo stitched.Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP12
I always add a vintage component to the Flora and Fauna works, and for this one I chose a vintage embroidery of a lily from my collection, to represent the lilies that grow under my apple tree.  It lacked punch, so I painted inside the embroidered lines, then stitched and echo stitched it.  Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP13
At that point it had a bit too much punch, and the large proportion of white space was distracting in the overall design.  So I did some dry brush work over the echo stitched lines, just hitting the ridges, and liked the effect very much.

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