September 11, 2015

Work in Progress – Raccoon and Apple, Update 4

I finally worked the overall design to a place I was happy with  The addition of the bright magenta silk strips really added unity and dynamics, and I was able to finish out piecing and fitting together the quilt top.Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP14 Next I painted the back.  This part is just for my own amusement, as the back is not generally viewed in an art quilt, but it makes me happy while I am doing the quilting if the back is cheerful.
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP15
I spread my backing white backing fabric on a tarp in the driveway and dribbled and swirled textile paint on it.
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP16
Next, I hit it with a fine mist from the hose, to let the colors blend.Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP17 As it dried in the sun, the colors wicked and blended more, and gave me this kind of beauty.
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP18
Finally, another round of quilting on the image panels, and lots of grid-style quilting on the rest of the top.I do my quilting on a domestic machine (i.e. a regular machine, not a mid arm or long arm built specifically for quilting), so it’s very labor intensive and I spend a lot of time up close and personal with the work.  I am meticulous about my craftsmanship, but also allow my stitching enough variability that you can see the hand of the maker in my work.Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP19
Next – the big reveal!


Anonymous said...

That magenta silk is genius. I love the density of your quilting, too. Another tour de force piece.

Vivien Zepf said...

I like the addition of the fuchsia strip -- perfect! Congrats on your opportunities at the Governor's museum, too!