September 21, 2015

New Work – Raccoon and Apple

Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple
I am pleased to reveal my latest work, Raccoon and Apple.  It is part of my ongoing Flora and Fauna series, where I work with skulls of the native wildlife here in Pennsylvania, USA.
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, Detail 1
It feels like a very cheerful and life-affirming art quilt to me.  I love all the detail on the cyanotype prints.Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, Detail 2
Most of the patchwork is made of silks, with some commercial and hand-painted cottons.  I’ve done my best to capture it photographically, but like all fiber art, it’s even better in person where you can appreciate the texture and the shimmer.Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, Detail 3
This panel of vintage needlework took on a new life when I painted and stitched it.  I like moving the tradition of quilting forward.

You can track this work back as a work in progress by clicking on Raccoon and Apple in the sidebar.

Thanks as always for reading and commenting.


Anonymous said...

I have made some cyanotypes on silk, so I really enjoy seeing what you've done with them.

Arja said...

Ho do you cyanotype a three-dimensional object such as a skull and get so much detail in it?

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

I love the inclusion of skulls with your other nature artifacts! Just beautiful.

Sue Reno said...

Thanks everyone! Arja, I take a digital photo of the skull, use it make a transparency, and print from that.

Martha Ginn said...

Amazing work--again--Sue. Fascinating use of the skull.